Beginner Astrology - Part 5 - Aspects

Aspects are generally the thing that confuse people the most, partly due to the fact that it conjurers up memories of high school geometry class. Yes, you read that correctly, geometry. That ancient mathematics system that was developed hundreds of years ago and popularized by the Greeks and Romans would, of course, have a role to play in Astrology. So as always you can find and review our Morning Metaphysic Talk about this topic over on my YouTube channel here:

Aspects are the angles and relationships formed between planets and heavenly bodies in our birth charts. They tell us how things relate and show how the planets actually form angular relationships with one and other. As McCarthy so elegantly puts it "They explain how different facets of our personality harmonize and blend - or how they create paradox, tension, and complexity."

Aspects are broken into Major Aspects and Minor Aspects. Major Aspects have the most significance and represent the strongest angles of relationship between planets. Minor Aspects therefor hold less significance over our charts and horoscopes and have minor influence over our lives. (These can be thought about in a similar fashion to the Major and Minor Arcana in the Tarot.)

In the section below you will find tables that outline the aspects, provide you with the angle of the relationship which always has 9 ° variance +/-, its symbol as it would appear on your chart, and brief description - as always I encourage to you to dig into these and find the meanings you resonate with the most - along with its general positive or negative influence over the planets; you can think of this as its light and shadow influence as well.

Major Aspects

Minor Aspects

Now these all are noted in the center of your birth chart and can some times also be found at the bottom of your chart in a table format. Here is an example of how the layout on a chart.

Aspects Table

This is an example of how they may be represented in table form. This is taken directly from my birth chart. You read it from top to bottom and from left to right. So in this example, my sun is Square to my Moon. My sun is also in Opposition to Pluto and direct with my midheaven.


Now that you can identify some of the aspects it is time to start looking for patterns in them to help add further depth to your horoscope.

Grand Trine This is a formation of 3 trines that form an equilateral triangle on your chart. These represent things that may come easy to you in life as the energy flows between all these planets with ease because they will always fall into the same elemental association. Each elemental trine has its own meanings:

  • Earth - gifts of grounding

  • Air - talents of the mind

  • Fire - gifts of inspiration

  • Water - gifts of empathy and emotion


This is a formation comprised of two squares and one opposition. This is a pattern of great difficulty and passion. This can often be something that you have to work incredibly hard at, but in the end it pays off big.