A blend of Astrology and Tarot work together to provide you insight on your path for the next 12 months ahead.  This reading is great for specific questions and inquiries that you want to get a detailed and in depth understanding of your future path and what options lay ahead of you for the year to come. This reading does not specifically have to be done in January - it can be done whenever - but I would not do this reading for the same individual within the same 6 month period.


This reading will be customized for you and will utilize different spreads and oracle cards based upon the querrant, question, and situation.For every reading I will meditate on you, your energies, and your question or situation. I will perform the reading and then I will send you your hand crafted Tarot Reading Package that will include a quartz crystal and pendant.


Inside your Package you will find:

  • A high quality photograph of your reading
  • A personalized handwritten letter summarizing your reading 
  • An in depth report of your reading that dives deep into the details and meaning of the cards and the spread 
  • The crystal pendant that was used during the reading so that you may have a piece of the energy and guidance offered by the divine. 

    FREE SHIPPING within the United States!
    *Crystal pendants pictured are examples only - you will receive a unique piece specially selected or crafted for you and your reading.

Year Ahead by Post

  • Returns

    Because of the nature of tarot readings being a service refunds are not available and all purchases are final. If you are unhappy with your reading please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to discuss the issue with you. 

  • Ethics

    Please remember that the Tarot is a tool in which the divine can help to guide us and offer advice. In the end, it is your decisions and actions that determine your future. For ethical reasons I do not offer readings on medical issues, legal matters, and/or other persons to protect their privacy. If you are unsure about your inquiry feel free to e-mail me and we can discuss it.   

  • Shipping Time

    Please allow 7-10 business days for me to conduct your reading and send your package. Shipping times vary based upon location. 

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