When you really need clarification, focus, and a deep understanding from your reading. This spread is great for specific questions and inquiries that you want to get a detailed and in depth understanding of. This spread will be customized for you and will delve into your present situation and circumstances, the challenges you are facing, the path behind and ahead of you, clarity on your goals and aspirations, understanding of your subconscious, advice on your path, understanding of things or people influencing you, understanding of your hopes and fears, and potential path forward.


For every reading I will meditate on you, your energies, and your question or situation. I will perform the reading and then you will receive:

  • A video of your reading.
  • A PDF of the spread used for your reading.
  • A digital photograph of your reading.

Focus - Video Reading

  • Because of the nature of tarot readings being a service refunds are not available and all purchases are final. If you are unhappy with your reading please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to discuss the issue with you.