A Tarot reading to give you insight and clarity on your journey. Sent to you in the mail, this reading feels like a correspondance from Spirit. The reading is customized for you and your specific needs and is great for both general readings, or specific questions. It will help you understand the underlying energies, the heart of the situation or path, your past/present/future influences and offer you clear advice. You may select one of 3 crystals to receive as a part of your Tarot Reading Package:

  • Quartz Crystal - Amplifies energies and brings focus and clarity to your reading.
  • Rose Quartz - This stone can help to ground and center your energies. Great for readings dealing with sensitive or stressful topics. It stimulates your third eye and helps to guide your intuitive powers to help you down the right path.
  • Amythyst - A great cyrstal to elevate your energies and connect you to other planes. It is fantastic for helping elevate your natural psychic abilities and understanding.


For every reading I will meditate on you, your energies, and your question or situation. I will perform the reading and then I will send you your hand crafted Tarot Reading Package. Inside your Package you will find:

  • A high quality photograph of your reading
  • A personalized handwritten letter summarizing your reading
  • An in depth report of your reading that dives deep into the details and meaning of the cards and the spread
  • The crystal you selected that was used during the reading so that you may have a piece of the energy and guidance offered by the divine.



*Crystals pictured are examples only - you will receive a unique piece specially selected for you and your reading.

Tarotgram - A Tarot Reading by Post

  • Because of the nature of tarot readings being a service refunds are not availabl