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Beginner Astrology - Part 3 - The Planets

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

This weeks Morning Metaphysics is all about the astrological planets and heavenly bodies. So far we've covered how to get and read your natal chart, and learned all about the Zodiac signs. You can click the links to follow it to the previous blog posts that include the videos if you want to catch up.

When talking about the planets and heavenly bodies astrologers typically group them into three categories.

  1. The Inner Planets - The Personal Planets - These represent the main aspects of who we are and our personalities because they are so close to us. Mercury, Venus, & Mars

  2. The Social Planets - These represent how we relate to the world and the people around us. Jupiter & Saturn

  3. The Outer Planets - These represent the intangibles and the things furthest out of reach like our spirituality and beliefs. Uranus, Neptune, & Pluto (screw you NASA, Pluto's a Planet!)

You will notice that Earth is missing from this list, because we are on earth. Also, the Sun and Moon are not present; this is because we already covered them in part 1 of this series when we discussed your Sun and Moon signs as a part of your Natal Chart, however I will recap them briefly here. They are often dealt with separately in Astrology because of their large impact on us and our planet - the Sun bringing us warmth and energy every day - the Moon changing the tides and even affecting the natural rhythms of creatures on the planet.

There are 3 other heavenly bodies to consider as well:

  1. Chiron - a planetoid with an erratic orbit discovered in 1977 that modern Astrologers have adapted into the system. It represents our wounded self, and how to overcome those innermost wounds.

  2. The Nodes - the two points in the sky where the moons orbit intersects with the path of the sun from the perspective of earth, or the ecliptic. The represent: North Node - Where we are going. South Node - Where we have come from.

Each heavenly body has its own associations and meanings individually and rule over different aspects of our lives. The following table lists each of the aforementioned planets and heavenly bodies along with it's symbol used on astrological charts and a brief description of it's areas of influence.

Now to tie things back to last weeks conversation about the Zodiac Signs, each planet rules over a Zodiac sign lending it its qualities and working with the signs qualities to influence our lives. To challenge you a little I have included a basic chart with the signs and planets that rule over them below - can you identify each sign and corresponding planetary ruler?

As always, remember: Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about - so be kind. Always.



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