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Hello! My name is Dustin and I have been studying metaphysics, the occult, magick, shamanism, healing, paganism, the Craft, divination and the Tarot since I was a teenager. All throughout my life I have incorporated many different systems, modalities, religions, and philosophies into a life path and spiritual existence that fits me best. Its not always perfect, but it works for me. I hope that in sharing it here you may find a diamond in the rough to incorporate into your practice or spiritual life.

As an intuitive empath it is in my soul to teach, help, and listen. I offer a wide range of divinatory readings specializing in Cartomancy, specifically Tarot and Oracle Cards. Visit the Tarot Readings page to learn more about the plethora of unique reading services I offer.

My hope with my blog is to share with you things that I find interesting, fascinating, and spiritually uplifting. I want to offer a space to educate, discuss, and share my musings on these and many more topics.

Please remember that everything I post on my blog are my own thoughts, opinions, and experiences. Everyone walks a different path, so take what resonates with you and disregard the rest.

As I always like to end things, everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. So be kind - always.


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