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Sacred Geometry - The Platonic Solids

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

Geometry was the SINGULAR mathematics course I enjoyed and seemed to understand when I was in school. Being extremely left brained, math - especially algebra - was difficult for me. Yet, when it came to geometry it all seemed to make sense because it was reflected in the world around me, it was visual, and it was tangible. When I progressed through undergraduate degree in art geometry cropped again, but this time it was embedded into symbolism explored through art history. This lead to my discover of the concept of Sacred Geometry.

Sacred Geometry ascribes symbolic and sacred meanings to certain geometric shapes and geometric proportions. The study of Sacred Geometry explores the concept of specific geometric shapes, how those shapes make up everything in our universe, and what meaning those shapes hold to us both physically and metaphysically.

In today's realm of metaphysical and spiritual practice we often see sacred geometry being used in conjunction with crystal grids, worn as talismans, or printed on basically anything and everything you can imagine. But what do these symbols mean? How can we use and understand these shapes in order to manifest, meditate, or create magick? I hope to answer these questions as we explore this topic here on the blog and over on my YouTube channel in our bi-weekly Morning Metaphysics live stream series - check it out here.

We see sacred geometry everywhere in nature every day. From the flowers and trees around us right down to the very geometric shape of the DNA found within your blood flowing inside of you right now we can see the very shapes that form the foundation for Sacred Geometry.

Sacred geometry also has had wide use in architecture and design throughout history as things like the golden ratio and platonic solids are naturally very pleasing to the eye. You can see sacred geometry reflected in ancient sacred sites such as the Great Pyramids, the Mayan temples in Mexico, the great churches of Europe, and the esoteric temples of the middle and far east. The concept of sacred geometry is universal and crosses all social boundaries. They really are a universally recognized system of shapes and symbols that transcend culture and appear in every corner of our planet .

These concepts even can be found in the human form and were most notably recognized by my all time favorite renaissance artist - Leonardo Da Vinci - in his famous sketchbook drawing known as the Vitruvian Man. You may recognize that this is an image that I have incorporated into my own logo and branding along with another well known Sacred Geometry symbol known as Metatron's Cube. That is where I think we will begin our trek into exploring Sacred Geometry because Metatron's Cube is not only my favorite symbol, but it incorporates all of the fundamental aspects of Sacred Geometry from the fundamental platonic solids to things like the seeds and flower of life. So lets start out with the Platonic Solids.

The Platonic Solids

These shapes are regarded to be the fundamental building blocks of life. By definition a platonic solid is a polygon in which each face is a straight sided shape with equal angles. T There are only five polyhedra that can be made using a regular polygon as their faces and having the same number of this polygons meet at each vertex. Defined by Plato sometime in the fourth century B.C. these shapes are thought to be the building blocks of the universe. Each of these solids are closely associated with an element as well.

  • Tetrahedron Element: Fire Solar Plexus Chakra Key Function: Manifestation

  • Cube Element: Earth Root Chakra Key Function: Grounding

  • Octahedron Element: Air Heart Chakra Key Function: Integration

  • Dodecahedron Element: Ether/Spirit/Akashic Spirit Chakras (6th & higher) Key Function: Ascension & Mystery

  • Icosahedron Element: Water Navel Chakra Key Function: Transformation

Also, don't forget you can always review the live video presentation that goes along with this blog post below.


Whats Next?

Next in this series we will explore the circle and sphere and how these sacred symbols can be used to create a myriad of powerful sigils and symbols that you can use in your metaphysic practice. Stay tuned!




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